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Your Dedicated

Social Media

Management Team

Fimi Collective helps businesses plan, create, and publish personalized social media content that drives results

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Tailored Social Media Content Creation

We’ve produced thousands of videos and graphic posts that connect with audiences, build influence, and help you reach your business targets. Whether you need short-form videos for Instagram and TikTok or engaging graphic posts, we’ll learn your brand and work closely with you to capture your unique style and voice.

At Fimi Collective, we are content experts based in north america who deliver custom-made content that engages your audience and effectively conveys your message.

Hassle-Free Social Media Management

Creating your content is just the beginning. What truly matters is getting it posted and seen.

Our team will write the copy, optimize hashtags, and strategically schedule your posts across multiple platforms, so you can focus on what matters most: building your business.

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How It Works

It's easy. We provide a skilled team and a proven system for creating and posting high-quality social media content, so you can focus on growing your business. We boost your visibility and trust, making you the preferred choice when your audience is ready to invest.

1. Onboarding consultation

You’ll start by meeting your lead content strategist, Derrick, who will be your main point of contact at Fimi Collective. Together, you'll develop a strategy to ensure your content reflects your voice, aesthetic, and goals. Based on this strategy, he'll recommend the Social Media Manager best suited for your account.

2. We get to work

Once your strategy is set, your dedicated Social Media Manager will create your initial batch of tailored content, including images or videos, and copy for each platform. We’ll craft original content or repurpose your past material, highlighting the best parts, removing awkward pauses, and adding captions to ensure your videos stand out while staying true to your brand.

3. Feedback & approval

Twice a month, you’ll receive an email notifying you of new content available in your dashboard. From there, you can easily provide feedback on each post directly within the dashboard. We offer unlimited revisions to ensure everything meets your expectations.

4. Scheduling & publishing

We ensure your content is published on schedule across all your chosen social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business). We handle your captions, optimize hashtags, and select the best thumbnail images, saving you time to focus on your business. Feel free to contact Derrick anytime to update your strategy and explore how Fimi Collective can further support your growth.

Simple, Transparent Pricing


$ 999

/ mo
  • Number of posts per month: 8
  • 🖼️  Custom images per month: 6
  • 🎥 Custom videos per month: 2
  • 🌐 Networks: Up to 2
  • ✅ Unlimited revisions
  • 🖊️ Caption writing
  • 📅 Published for you


$ 1,799

/ mo
  • Number of posts per month: 12
  • 🖼️  Custom images per month: 8
  • 🎥 Custom videos per month: 4
  • 🌐 Networks: Up to 4
  • ✅ Unlimited revisions
  • 🖊️ Caption writing
  • 📅 Published for you


$ $2,599

/ mo
  • Number of posts per month: 20
  • 🖼️  Custom images per month: 12
  • 🎥 Custom videos per month: 8
  • 🌐 Networks: Up to 4
  • ✅ Unlimited revisions
  • 🖊️ Caption writing
  • 📅 Published for you



/ mo
  • 🎥 Videographer Capability
  • Number of posts per month: Custom
  • 🖼️  Custom images per month: Custom
  • 🎥 Custom videos per month: Custom
  • 🌐 Networks: Custom
  • ✅ Unlimited revisions
  • 🖊️ Caption writing
  • 📅 Published for you

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What People Are Saying

Derrick and Fimi Collective are the embodiment of creative A-Players. If you’re thinking about working with Fimi vs basically anyone else in the space, jump on the opportunity and I promise they’ll exceed your expectations.

Michael HeiserChief Marketing Officer - Pompa Program

Derrick’s work ethic is beyond reproach, and his creativity and professionalism lay the foundation for exceptional work! He knows how to deliver - from soup to nuts.

Kathleen O'BrienCEO - Tennessee Performing Arts Center

These guys are the best in the industry. They run all my content and events.

Taylor WelchFounder - The Wealthy Consultant & Welch Equities

Derrick has consistently turned out high quality creative work product and matured our organization into a more clear, focused and friendly brand.

Ed HineManaging Partner - Line 5 Capital

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the content tailored for specific business types/niches? i.e. eCommerce?

Absolutely! We thoroughly research and understand your industry to create content that is perfectly aligned with your specific niche, ensuring it resonates with your target audience.

What content formats do you produce?

We create custom video and graphic content for all social platforms featuring your own footage or a combination of stock footage and graphic elements. Content may include high quality graphic posts, reels and video posts.

Is billing done at the start of every month?

Billing will be 7 days after your date of sign-up and repeat monthly. If you have a preferred date for billing we can manually adjust it for you.

Can I review and approve content before it is posted?

Yes! Once produced, we will notify you twice a month with content batches. This will allow you to review, approve, or provide feedback to your social media manager within your dashboard.

How long after onboarding will I see my first content batch?

To ensure we produce content in your brand voice an expectation, we will send you your first sample batch of content, containing 3 posts, within 5 business days of onboarding.

I want to publish a consistent content calendar each week. Can you help with that?

Yes! If you would like to post to a consistent weekly cadence, select the package that fits your goals, and align with your lead content strategist on your goals during your onboarding consultation.

Are you able to make a custom package to suit our needs?

We typically stick to the pricing mentioned above. If you are in need of a custom package please book a demo and mention you’d like to discuss a custom package.

Do you also create GIFs, or Stories?

No, we focus on producing top-notch in-feed posts featuring original copy, custom graphics, and optional videos and reels. We believe these are the essential elements that most brands need on social media. Although we recognize the importance of other content formats, we choose not to offer them at this time because we are committed to maintaining the highest quality and user experience for our clients.

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